Events and Activities of KBI

We are going to request or advise light-polluting organisations to reduce the light pollution such as changing light devices and the directions. Also we will let administrations understand this problem. We're planing to make a limited week as "Anti-Light Pollution Week", or to hold sky show which everyone can join even they're in their houses.

Let's act against the light pollution, and let them disappear from the night sky!

Means of Communication of KBI

Communication within this committee will be via e-mail. At the moment, the committee is sending e-mails to the members only, but in the future, we are hoping to establish a mailing-list system. Therefore, at this stage, we are limiting the committee members only to those who has e-mail addresses.


Members of KBI

Currently there are about 55 members registered. We will be recruiting more members once the committee is properly established.

Records of the Events and Activities of KBI

We are confident that there will be so much to write in the near future that there will be not enough space to record all of them in this column.

Currently activity

  • We desire "Light Pollution Control Week"(Leonid meteor stream) for Japan Environment Agency.
  • We desire to enactment "Light Pollution Prevention Act" for some cities.
  • We desire to reconsider lightup to big bridge in Muroran-city Hokkaido.