Light Pollution Control Committee

Are you satisfied with the night sky you see in your town?
---we are aiming for the world where we take for granted the Milky Way in the cities---

Nowadays, most stars can hardly be seen, not to mention the disappearance of the Milky Way in the cities. It's because of unnecessary released lights into the sky. The effect caused by such lights is called "Light Pollution (Hikari-Gai)".
Due to the light pollution, not only cities but also suburbs are affected. If nothing has been done, we can't see any stars in the cities at all. When we lose opportunities to see the stars, we are depriving the future generations of such interest too.
What has been affected by that light pollution is not only the sky but also environment. Someday, the effect could be on humans also.
Is it allowed for us to destroy this beautiful gift for all things living on the Earth?

In the hopes of stopping and reducing such a light pollution to save the beautiful night sky for all of us, we have established a committee, "Light Pollution Control Committee (In Japanese: Kougai-Boushi Iinkaiin = KBI)" in March 1998.

Activities of the KBI (light pollution control committee)

Previous activities of the KBI

--KBI appealing event--

  • KBI in Nara branch was started!! "Let's retrieve the Milky Way in the Nara city."
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  • "Light Pollution Control Week" in Leonids (Nov.) ?
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--References to Light Pollution in Japan--

    ///Light pollution News///

  • "The resolution plan which demands the irradiation stop of the search light" was adopted in Komagane-city Nagano-pref.(99.6)

  • "The petition which demands the prohibition of the commercial search light" was adopted in Abiko-city Chiba-pref.(99.3)

  • Light Pollution Prevention Act passed in Takayama Village, Gunma, Japan, Enforcement from October 1998

  • Light Pollution Guideline (published on March 30th 1998 by Japan Environment Agency)

  • Bisei(chou) Town Light Pollution Prevention Act (announced on November 22nd 1989 by Biseichou town, Okayama, Japan)

  • International Dark Sky Association(IDA) : Japan section (Astronomical Society of Wakabadai )

  • KBI inauguration preparatory committee

    President : Masahiro Mizutani(Univ. 4th)
    Representatives : Mizuki Yoneda(High school 1st) and so on....

    "Light Pollution Contorol Committee (KBI)"

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