KBI's Registration Method

This Committee has formed through Internet and e-mail will be the main means of communication between the members. Therefore we ask each member to have e-mail address for the moment.

If you are supportive of our scheme and willing to help out, please fill in the form below and send it back to us.

Committee Members Registration Form

...Japanese Only...
##I'm sorry. We limit the exchange of the mail to the environment that it is possible to read the mail of the Japanese word.

NAME:(please give the real name)
E-mail address:(compulsory)
Sex: male female

Light-Polluting Organizations: (please fill in below if you know any. If you need more space, please send information via Organizations Reporting Page)

Name of the Organization :

Description of the Light Pollution :

Location of the Organization :(please give as much detail as possible. It will be very helpful if we know the address)

Any other comments :

copy to your E-mail
send without confirmation screen

If you were not able to send this form, please send the information via E-mail (Masahiro Mizutani)